30 August 2011


George P. Traikos - The Passage (2006)


Daemian Smith is a photographer, he’s assisted by his partner Christine Suarez। They are currently based in New York City.

Daemian Smith And Christine Squarez - Tiiu (2010)

3 August 2011


Chereine Waddell has been working as a qualified and professional freelance makeup Artist for the last 5 years. Based in Sydney she is fast becoming renowned for her creative flair, unconventional style and broad versatility.
With a strong background in Fashion Design, Art and SFX Chereine is well equipped with an understanding of colour, design and technique. She utilises her cross-disciplinary skills to influence her artistry with originality and professionalism.
Highly creative and inspired by a broad range of materials, her expertise in both makeup and art allow her the freedom to experiment, transform and push artistic boundaries with efficiency skill and balance.
Having worked and collaborated in various fields her work is acknowledged in film, music, editorial, print, exhibitions, and Runway, as well as catering to Functions and Bridal.
Chereine’s passion and enthusiasm to her work, is evident in her results with beautiful and intricate application। She endeavors to inspire and excite the senses, continually seeking to re-invent her skills and abilities reaching to higher levels, defusing the lines between art and fashion is what she does best.


Chereine Waddell For Absorb - Body Bound (2011)


Stephen Walsh comes from Duplin Ireland. He direct stuff and mess about with VFX .

Stephen Walsh - Like Rabbits (2011)

1 August 2011


The artist Vera Stevanovic's (Belgrade Serbia) ampull with water from the river Tamis, is a part of her project Collecting rivers, a project run over several years.
The project includes that she spreads out water ampulls to people, who can do what they want with it, document it and in that way be a part of the project.
Niclas Hallberg has made the piece Fluid transfer,
with the body as ground, landscape, nature
and the water from the ampull
as a water drop, waterfall, river, ocean
in the shape of an erotic act

Fluid Transfer is chosen for Water Preserves Video Installation in Februari 2009 at State of the Art Gallery Ithaca, New York.
Curator, Jan Kaither
Niclas Hallberg is a freelance artist since the last 10 years. Working in video, photo, installation, performance and
painting. His experimental works deals with questions concerning identities, masculinity and humanity.
He is using the moving picture to express feelings, make changes or to document a performance. He often uses
himself as an actor and thereby he creates a feeling of intimity.
Niclas Hallberg has participated in several solo and group exhibitions in Sweden and abroad, and has made videos
and photos commissioned by other artists and museums.
Niclas Hallberg work in several international projects, focused on collaborational
exchanges resulting in exhibitions and video screenings, and also in different art projects together with artists
from around the world.
Niclas Hallberg founded Formverk (art zone) 2004, together with Stina Pehrsdotter, an experimental exhibition and project space in Eskilstuna, Sweden।


Niclas Hallberg - Fluid Transfer (2009)


Loretta Minx born 1986 in Gallup, New Mexico.
Loretta Minx is an Artist, American Fashionista and Devouring Female.

Loretta Minx - Eau De Pussoire (2011)


Miroslaw Matyasik started with artistic activity in 1996. The basis of his activity is, established by an artist, one man project C.H. District, that is connecting industrial music tradition with contemporary "intelligent electronic" productions.
He also cooperated with three theatre groups from the Silesia area: Cogitatur Theatre, Apart and Suka Off, supporting them with the music productions and sometimes as an actor.
In 2002 r. C.H. District has signed the contract with french label M-TRONIC and the first official record was edited. The record was a great success in Poland, but mostly abroad - in France and America. As the effect the artist was invited to take part in compilations in USA and Canada, as well as to perform during the event, organized in Paris in the framework of Polish Days in France. As a resident of famous polish club - "Elektro", he become the mainspring one of the most important polish festivals FESTIVAL NOWA MUZYKA.
In 2010 he signed contract with M-TRONIC again and is going to edit his new album as a C.H. District.

Suka Off - TIOT (2005).
In 2005 the video clip was nominated for the Qwartz Electronic Music Award.


Chip Willis is a photographer working in Columbus Ohio, and travels to NYC and LA.Available for assignment in the areas of Portrait, Fashion and Commercial photography.

Chip Willis - Alone And Wondering (2011)