28 September 2011


Igor Amelkovich live in city of Chelyabinsk on Southern Ural in Russia. Trained at the South-Ural State University on a speciality as radio engineering. In photoart seriously he engaged from the end of 1999.

In his work he use two cameras: Nikon F-60 and Hasselblad 503 CW, with a set of optics; studio equipment: Elinchrom and Marko, and scanner Nikon 8000ED.

He completely control process of scanning and a printing, however he don't use digital processing, only a technical retouch, colors and curves.

In a photo for him are two mainstreams, a landscape and the naked woman. For me the woman is the concentrated beauty of a nature. He like to photograph self-assured women, able to show the beauty.

The creative biography:

1999 - a photo of year 1999. A prize of jury for a photoseries

" Female beauty " in a nomination " the Eternal theme " Chelyabinsk.

2000 - 1 place in competition " Legs for Pirelli ", spent by magazine Playboy

2001 - 3 place in photocompetition " The Stone Belt " - 2001. Chelyabinsk.

2002 - Participation in the International photointerior Siberia 2002. Novosibirsk

2002 - the Winner of competition Nonstop Photos (summer 2002) in a

nomination "Landscape" for work 100%

2002 - the winner of competition Nonstop Photos (an autumn 2002) in a nomination " Nude "

for work Olympia and her body # 5

2002 - 1 place in photocompetition " The Stone Belt " - 2002. Chelyabinsk.

2002 - the Photo of year 2002. A prize " the Gold objective " for work " 100% GOLD " in

a nomination " the Nature, a style, advertising " Chelyabinsk.


2003 - The first personal photo-exhibition " In language of a body ". Chelyabinsk

2003 – GOLD medal on Hasselblad Austrian Super Circuit 2003

24 September 2011


Fetishesque photographer from Remscheid, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Calvato's photos are strange, unusual but always aesthetic. He calls himself “remaining and available light specialtist” and even deals with hard, unattractive, sometimes direct light - relentlessly. Experiments define situations under same light conditions. He loves the strangest angles, perspectives and cuttings granting his famous note that makes Calvato's breathtaking artwork incomparable. Bondage becomes its own character of fashion, a self-evident key element. With dramatic eye make-up, he places his models into dark corners and let them act their part in front of the camera. It is never about force and violence, he simply wants to tell haunting stories and show gripping but strong bodies that takes the leading part. His work has published in several international magazines and books.

Calvato - Lucid Dreams (2011)


Autoagonistophilia is a paraphilia consisting in sexuoerotic
 arousal from being observed while engaging in sexual activity,
 or from exposing one's naked body or genitals
to strangers while on stage or on camera.
Unlike exhibitionism, which is intentional, autagonistophiliacs
create situations (like leaving the bedroom or bathroom drapes open)
 in which people can see them in-the-nude if they want to.
 It would be like leaving your curtains open and walking
around the house naked in hopes that someone
would peep in the windows.
It is the thought that someone may be watching that is sexually arousing.

Video by: George P. Traikos - The Back Room (2011)
Music by: George P. Traikos (Black Orange) - Evening Walk (2007)
Model: Vivienne Kac.


Autoeroticism is the scientific term used to describe masturbation,
 the stimulation of the genital organs to achieve orgasm.
The term was popularized toward the end of the 19th century
 by British sexologist Havelock Ellis, who defined
autoeroticism as "the phenomena of spontaneous sexual
emotion generated in the absence of an external stimulus
proceeding, directly or indirectly, from another person.
The most common autoerotic practice is masturbation,
 and the two terms are often used as synonyms.
Although masturbation was widely condemned in
most premodern societies, and has been the subject
of remarkable and persistent superstitions and
extreme taboos, there is evidence that contemporary
attitudes toward masturbation are
becoming increasingly tolerant of this behavior.
Studies in the United States and Europe indicate that
about 90 percent of adolescent and adult males and
about 80 percent of adolescent and adult females
have engaged in masturbation.
While masturbation is usually a private, solitary activity,
 it is often accompanied by fantasies of sexual activity
 that involve another person.

Video by: George P Traikos - Orange Flesh (2011)
Music by: George P. Traikos (Black Orange) - Camel Walk (2007)
Model: Maria D.