19 November 2011


Lou Tilly from London, UK, is currently finishing a BA in Digital Video at University of Creative Arts. She enjoys scriptwriting as much as acting.


Lou Tilly - In Parenthesis (2011)


LIBIDO searches for the essence of human sexuality. The performance will act as a document which traces the different desires, experiences, behaviors and habits of three individuals on stage: provocative, extreme, uncensored and courageous. LIBIDO addresses our basic animal instincts – our aggression, our need and our desire to prove we exist and will continue to do so.

'How do we make contact?' is the question posed by 'Libido,' a 60 minute opus created in 2010 by David St. Pierre and Andre Gingras for Dance Works Rotterdam.

LIBIDO is a co production of Dave St. Pierre en St. Gingras in collaboration with Dance Works Rotterdam.
Supported by the Performing Arts Fund NL
The setting of this psycho-drama is a grim space somewhere between a warehouse and a slaughterhouse, the protagonists nude dancers Vincent Morelle and Sylvia Camarda, both looking vulnerable in this unforgiving milieu. These two characters proceed to push frustratedly at the limits of sex without reaching even the frontiers of mutual understanding.
Looking as if his very flesh has been forged in blood and fire, Morelle gives an unrestrained and technically dumbfounding performance, at one point scrabbling manically on his back like a wounded insect. He creates the sense of a man who, for all his force and energy, is unable to connect, to grasp what is in front of him - fated not only to see it slip out of his hands, but from under his feet as he slithers and slides through his performance. Even the act of crouching on all fours on a trestle table is, for him, somehow precarious and full of potential pitfalls.
Harried by Morelle, Camarda yet carves out moments of stillness. We see her sitting, pale and lovely, on the table, as serene as a young naked Buddha. Unlike Morelle, she never seems to lose her footing. Even when the two men spin her like a bar of soap, you feel as if their efforts to dislodge her poise are ultimately futile.
Yet there is an irony. For all their sense of mutual alienation, Morelle and Carmada are caught together in the same spreading bubble of oil, sweat and blood. Literally mirroring their contortions, the shimmering, liquid floors remind us of their common humanity. Similarly, references to various bodily orifices and excretions serve to suggest that the flesh itself can never be totally sealed off and enclosed, whatever the state of our hearts may be.
While the material itself may be troubling and problematic, 'Libido' is thoroughly exhilarating as a demonstration of the expressive powers of the performing nude. There is an almost iconic power in the moment when, bloodied knives in hand, Camarda straddles the fallen Morelle and allows her body to morph luxuriously through a series of preying-mantis poses. That she can play this scene masked is an act of bravura, an assertion that the unadorned flesh has come of age as a storyteller.

Dance Works Rotterdam - Libido Trailer (2010)


Using the unlikely name of "Mrs Herskin" for their accessory line, two Hungarian designers, Orsolya Poppre and Larisza Pasztircsák, commissioned fellow countryman Zoltan Krasznai to helm their first fashion film. After several years of traveling around the world as a professional tennis player he decide to pursue his education at Montana State University, Bozeman MT , USA where the surprising choice of his first photography course partically changed his life.He's currently living and working in Budapest as a fine art , fashion and advertising photographerattracting a wider audience with his fresh, experimental but always higly sophisticated approach.

Zoltan Krasznai - The Six Deadly Sins of Mrs Herskin (2011)


Felix Amat Amas Amo is A British photgrapher He also compose music.The Disquiet E.P is housed under Amat Amas Amo, yet created by Decessus.


Amat Amas Amo - Demogorgon (2011)


Dasniya Sommer is a dancer and performer, and founder of Schwelle7, an experimental place in Berlin. She’s been exploring the limits of the body and mind throughout her performances, experiencing yoga, contemporary dance and japanese bondage.


Dasniya Sommer - Ma 15' Idiosyncrasy Sin x= ly-fx² (2009)


Synapscape is a German recording duo specializing in the creation of dark noise, teknoid, and power electronics. It is a long-time act of Germany’s industrial music record label, Ant-Zen.Synapscape was founded in 1994 by Philipp Münch (b. 1968) and Tim Kniep, who have been its only members. Münch’s musical history includes his formation of The Rorschach Garden in 1988, and in 1989 he was a founding member of the industrial band Ars Moriendi. This project’s demise in 1994 saw in turn Münch’s collaboration with Kniep of Blendwerk, and the birth of Synapscape.
Both members of Synapscape also record in the project Monokrom. Münch also has his own project Pmuench, is a member of the collaboration Templegarden’s, and still records under the name The Rorschach Garden.

Synascape - Ahuenna (2009)


Burlesque is a very old and very popular form of entertainment, which began in the 1840s. It was used by the working class performers as a way to mock the upper classes, their traditions, social habits, culture and fashion and many of the performances were spoofs of operas, Shakespeare and other classic literature and plays.
Burlesque is a literary, dramatic or musical work intended to cause laughter by caricaturing the manner or spirit of serious works, or by ludicrous treatment of their subjects.The word derives from the Italian burlesco, which itself derives from the Italian burla – a joke, ridicule or mockery.
The performances relied on mockery and played to the audience's desire for laughter and lust. Due to the 'naughty' nature of the performances, burlesque usually targeted working class men, but as word spread it drew a wider audience including some women keen to witness this social taboo.
Today however it is more about empowering women, encouraging them to embrace their sexuality and femininity and be confident in expressing themselves in a sensual way.

Francesco Lepori - Burlesque (2010)


Rollin' Rockstar productions based in London, England, United Kingdom. They make videos. Sexy ones usually.

Rollin' Rockstar Productions - Beautiful Nightmare (2010)


Alexey Pankratov lives In Moscow and works as Creative Director for World Mirror Group.

Alexey Pankratov - Black (2011)


Betony Vernon is an American-born designer who lives and works in Milan and Paris. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Art History with a minor in Metalsmithing from Virginia Commonwealth University and a Master’s degree in Industrial Design from Domus Academy, Milan. Her work has been featured in a number of international exhibitions from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London to the Triennale, Milan. She has designed for several brands, including Missoni, Gianfranco Ferré, and Fornasetti.The turning point in Betony’s creative career came in 2002, when she launched her “Paradise Found – Fine Erotic Jewelry” collection. This line became her primary focus and the catalyst for what has become her vision and her mission: to dismantle the pleasure taboo. She holds seminars at educational institutions like The European Institute of Design and Domus Academy in Milan. She also conducts “Sexual Well-Being” and “Bettering Your Sexual Skills” salons for individuals, couples and groups.Through the experience of private consulting and public speaking, she realized that she wanted to reach a wider audience with her message of enhancing self-esteem, health and well-being, centered especially on the issues of body acceptance and sexual pleasure. With this in mind, in 2008 she co-produced and presented “Le Boudoir”, a series of seven didactic segments for MTV Italy. Betony has recently completed her first book, “The Boudoir” due for publication in 2012.


Claire Tchaikowski -Those Thousand Seas (2011)



Born in 1977 and after graduating in sociology works in the world of communication and advertising. Discovered photography quite lately, studuing first in Rome and Milan, and then in London. He has several collaboration with italian and international magazines. He lives and works between Rome And Milan.


Marco D'Amico - Crying Game (2011)

15 November 2011


Konstantin Alexandroff born and grew up in Moscow, where he currently live. he have interests in many art, science and life areas. He is doing photography for more than 5 years. Artistic nudes were his main interest from the beginning. His melancholic temperament, life experience and inner conflicts defined the meaning of his works. He don't usually plan every little detail. He try to create an image, a story and a mood that will go well with the model and her inner world. And so the unique beauty of each person he work with is captured. Despite the nudity he actually consider his works as portraits. As for the naked body, it helps translating emotions and also emphasizes the natural beauty of the model. He is also a founder of the photo-community http://www.dirtyangels.net/, which is generally for the artists like him.


Konstantin Alexandroff - Deafs (2010)


A Film by Dominic Vincent, Celebrating the 10-Year Anniversary of Polymorphe, starring Bianca Beauchamp. Featuring original music by Francis Vincent.

Polymorphe - Embryo By Domonic Vincent (2005)

8 November 2011


Chad Michael Ward is a critically-acclaimed photographer and filmmaker with over a decade of experience shooting musicians, celebrities and pretty faces in the urban wilds of Los Angeles.
His unique portrait and fashion portfolio has made Ward one of the more sought-after talents in the industry with work appearing in numerous galleries, magazines and books. Ward's work has also been collected into several monographs including Black Rust, Autopsyrotica, DevilEngine, Dangerous Beauties, Storyteller and Storyteller: NUDE.

www.DigitalApocalypse.com Vimeo


Chad Michael Ward - The Waltz (2011)


Placebo - Protege Moi (2003)

"Protège-Moi" is a single by the band Placebo, which was released in France only in 2003. The song is a French language version of "Protect Me from What I Want" from their fourth album, Sleeping with Ghosts. The chorus remains in English, although the French title is sung in the background. The song can also be found as an additional track on the two disc edition of Placebo's fourth album, Sleeping with Ghosts. It has been translated to French by Virginie Despentes.
The original music video for "Protège-Moi", directed by Gaspar Noé, was never officially released as it was too sexually explicit to be shown, featuring uncensored nudity, heavy petting, fellatio, and cunnilingus. The video eventually put out for the song is an extract from the Soulmates Never Die (Live in Paris 2003) DVD.


UNKLE Feat. Sleepy Sun - Follow Me Down (2010)

UNKLE, a musical outfit founded in 1994 in London, England, United Kingdom. Originally categorized as trip-hop, the group once included producer DJ Shadow and has employed a variety of guest artists and producers. From the sleeve notes for the release End Titles…Stories For Film released in July 2008, the current line-up is stated as James Lavelle and Pablo Clements, also a member of the Psychonauts.

The original line-up was James Lavelle, Tim Goldsworthy (now a member of DFA) and Kudo (Major Force West, Skylab). This incarnation released several EPs and singles, usually involving collaborations with other Mo’Wax affiliated artists.

In 1998, after the departure of Goldsworthy and Kudo, Lavelle enlisted US producer DJ Shadow to help complete UNKLE’s debut album, “Psyence Fiction”. On this album they collaborated with a variety of guest artists including Thom Yorke (Radiohead), Mike D (Beastie Boys), Badly Drawn Boy and Richard Ashcroft (The Verve). The album contained songs which merged indie-rock with hip hop. In 2003 UNKLE released “Never, Never, Land”. At this time UNKLE consisted of Lavelle and new collaborator Richard File, and the album also featured Ian Brown (The Stone Roses), Josh Homme (Queens Of The Stone Age), Robert Del Naja (Massive Attack), Mani (The Stone Roses, Primal Scream) and others.

A third album entitled “War Stories” was released in July 2007. It features collaborations with Josh Homme (Queens Of The Stone Age), Ian Astbury (The Cult), Autolux, Robert Del Naja (Massive Attack), The Duke Spirit, and Gavin Clark, and is far more strongly rock-influenced than previous releases.

The album was preceded by an EP, Nights Temper, of which a limited pressing was released in May 2007. Lavelle has also released several mix albums and remixes under his own name and under the name Unklesounds (together with Richard File).

UNKLE is known for remixing music from artists such as Explosions in the Sky, Massive Attack, and Oasis



Seven Saturdays are from Los Angeles, California, US.
The subtle melodic nuances of Jonathan D. Haskell draw musical inspiration from late night drives lost in the Mulholland hills of after hours Los Angeles. In these quiet moments symphonic landscapes emerge to form the headphone-centric Seven Saturdays.Seven Saturdays makes you feel as if you're on those late night drives, creating music with delicate keyboards and distant vocals that tug at your... heart strings. While recorded in Los Angeles, Seven Saturdays strays from your typical indie rock band. The recordings of Seven Saturdays comprise an impressive list of talented musicians including: Morgan Kibby (M83), Mike Garson (David Bowie, Smashing Pumpkins), Wesley Precourt (Dave Stewart, Jenny Lewis), and Eric Heywood (The Pretenders, Ray LaMontagne).

Seven Saturdays - The Shallow End (White Sea Remix 2011)

In early 2010, Seven Saturdays released a self-titled EP which Stereogum described as "gripping and mellowly epic" and spent 6 weeks on CMJ's Top 200 Radio charts. Now Haskell is releasing the Secret Things remix EP, which includes a reworked track by Sun Airway that Pitchfork described as "sparkling" (other contributers are: Memoryhouse, White Sea, Teen Daze, Houses and Millionyoung), and a collection of ambient recordings entitled Love In The Time Of Anticipated Defeat, out now on Dynamophone Records.

Seven Saturdays - Seven Saturdays EP (2010)

Seven Saturdays - The Snowflakes That Hit Us Became Our Stars EP (2010)



He is photographer and graphic artist living, loving and working in Bremen, Germany. He studied movie science and took courses in documentary film, but he didn't work with this medium a lot. In 2010 he started again with some short movies and in these days, where he is totally addicted to the iPhone, He love to have an always availabe instrument to take photos and movies. http://www.butowmaler.com/